Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Lukashenko: Guilty of the Swedish aircraft incident will be punished


Guilty of the incident with the Swedish aircraft flight over Belarus will be punished. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated today at the meeting on the status of bringing the armed forces and the State Border Committee of Belarus in line with modern requirements.

"How to explain the provocation with the light airplane, which not only crossed the border, but also invaded Belarus territory with impunity? As it's first and foremost - the safety of our citizens. Moreover, this plane was detected in time. Why chiefs haven't stopped the flight? Whom they take pity on? Is it blockheadedness of specific executors or the errors in the state's border guard system of airspace? I would like to hear answers to these question", said the head of state.

"At the same time I want to honestly and frankly say those who are interested in this issue and present here: those responsible must answer", said Alexander Lukashenko. "I didn't hurry with decisions, as you can see, by your request. You had the intention to thoroughly investigate this case. Today, as I see, it is investigated and those guilty for it must bear responsibility. Most on Monday I will take a decision after this meeting, including personnel decisions".

As the president stated today, the situation is not extraordinary, but there are some disturbing moments, "the increase in crime was detected, including corruption, in the very border agency, which is unacceptable".

"The result of measures' complex must be the consistent strengthening of the national security system and ensuring adequate operational response to any challenges and threats, wherever they come from", said Alexander Lukashenko.