Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Policeman escaped from Lukashenko, on hunger strike in Ecuador prison

Alexander Barankov asks not to extradite him to Belarus. Belsat learnt this from local human rights defenders. Ecuadorian television "Ecuavisa" showed a video story about the former police officer.

Former Belarusian investigator Alexander Barankov is on hunger strike in protest against his possible deprive of refugee status and the extradition to Belarus' authorities. On June 21 the court, which had to make a decision on his extradition to Belarus, was held. The detained hasn't been deprived of refugee status, but he remains behind bars.

According to July 5th information of educational institution "Platforma", received from Barankov's friend, the Belarusian authorities are trying to extradite him in different ways.

Two weeks after Alexander Lukashenko's visit, the story about the Belarusian was shown in night newscast "Televistazo" on TV channel "Ecuavisa", which the locals consider the most objective. It says, the case of depriving Barankov of the refugee status hasn't completed, yet.

"Platforma" which he contacted by phone on June 17, informed about Alexander Barankov's detention in Ecuador. It happened on the eve of Alexander Lukashenko's Latin American tour. Barankov connects his arrest with the arrival of the Belarusian ruler to Ecuador.

Former investigator left the homeland after the KGB filed against him two criminal cases. According to Barankov, it could be the revenge for his service in police, when he has identified numerous instances of abuse and corruption among law enforcement agencies and commercial entities. After his departure to Ecuador the government named him wanted by Interpol.