Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Gryb: Punishment for 'Teddy Bear Troopers' is very severe


The president has taken the promised personnel decision on the case of incident with the Swedish aircraft's flight over Belarus and landing of teddy bears troopers. Former Speaker of the Supreme Council, retired Lieutenant General Miachyslau Gryb believes that high officials were punished very severely.

On July 31, Chairman of the State Border Committee Major-General Igor Rachkovsky and Commander of Air Force and Air Defence Forces, Major General Dmitry Pahmelkin were dismissed for the improper execution of official duties on ensuring the national security of the Republic of Belarus.

Defense Minister Lieutenant General Yuri Zhadobin, and Head of Armed Forces' General Headquarters - First Deputy Defense Minister Major General Peter Tikhonovski were warned about the incomplete official compliance. In addition, the Secretary of State Security Council of Belarus Colonel-General Leonid Maltsev and the chairman of the State Security Committee, Lieutenant-General Vadim Zaitsev were reprimanded.

Miachyslau Gryb said in an interview with Radio Liberty, that for such high-ranking officials it is a very serious punishment.

"I don't really know, if they could "highlight" the aircraft, or couldn't, whether it was in the capabilities of their services," said retired Lieutenant General of Police. "But this was done not heads of agencies and departments. Maybe someone carelessly treated his duties, maybe was asleep, maybe didn't pay attention. And the answer had to be at such a high level".

According to Gryb, this penalty missed "Teddy Troopers" is not finished.

"He punished here the highest heads of institutions. The punishment is very severe," Gryb added.