Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

KGB summons Swedes for questioning over teddy bear drop


The Committee for State Security (KGB) on August 10 posted on its website Russian- and English-language notices summoning three Swedish nationals to appear in Minsk within the next 10 days for questioning in connection with July’s illegal flight over Belarus and drop of teddy bears on its territory in a pro-democracy stunt.

The summons are addressed to Tomas Mazetti and Hannah Lina Frey, the people who piloted a single-engine plane when it entered Belarus’ airspace illegally and dropped the toys on the town of Ivyanets and residential districts in western Minsk on July 4, as well as to Per Cromwell who was legally staying in Belarus on that day to provide assistance to the pair in case of emergency. All of the three people represent Sweden’s public relations agency Studio Total.

According to the notices, the three Swedes are to inform the KGB of their arrival and present themselves at the agency’s Investigative Department at 17 Independence Avenue.
The KGB warned that if the Swedes failed to obey the summons, they would face a fine or a prison sentence of up to six months. If they fail to present themselves before the deadline without a good excuse, they may be compelled to travel in Minsk, the KGB said.

The notices were signed by KGB investigator P. Tsernawski.

It was not immediately known how the summons would reach the Swedish nationals.

Earlier this week, Belarus' authorities requested Lithuania and Sweden to help them investigate the illegal flight.

The Swedes, who are facing charges of illegal entry, involved in the stunt said that they would come to Minsk for questioning if they were guaranteed immunity.