Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Swedish embassy in Minsk calls on its citizens to use caution


A Swedish-language statement posted Tuesday on the website of the Swedish embassy in Minsk said that the embassy was receiving threats against all Swedes staying in Belarus. The embassy did not specify what those threats contain and what they meant.

"Belarus is in general a safe place," but owing to the recent events in Belarusian-Swedish relations, in particular the expulsion of Ambassador Stefan Eriksson, there is a reason for Swedes to use caution when traveling to or staying in Belarus, the statement said.

The embassy recommended Swedes in Belarus to avoid using national symbols, clothes and everything that could identify them as Swedes.

Katarina Axelsson, spokeswoman for the Swedish foreign ministry, told Radio Sweden that the ministry had no information about incidents involving Swedish citizens in Belarus’ territory. However, according to her, the diplomatic conflict makes the foreign ministry to call on Swedes to be careful and attentive in Belarus.

According the Swedish foreign ministry, about a dozen Swedish citizens live in Belarus, and about 3,500 Belarusian visas are issued to Swedish citizens annually.