Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Lukashenka grants land outside Minsk to Qatar


Belorusski Partizan received a document showing an unprecedented fact of presenting lands in the Minsk region to Qatar to construct hunting facilities.

First deputy chairman of the Minsk region executive committee issued a ruling, under which Qatar, according to Lukashenka's order, will receive large plots of land in the Lahoisk an Smalyavichy districts of the Minsk region on a grant basis by the end of 2012 for construction of residences and hunting enclosures.

The Minsk region executive committee was ordered to change the type of lands from agricultural and forest areas to lands of other use.

The land is leased to Qatar free of charge for a period of 90 years.

Lukashenka and Qatar were often reported by the media to have close cooperation. For example, special military detachments of Qatar were trained in Minsk some months before the events in Libya. We remind the world media informed in August 2011 that Qatar special task troops instructed Libyan rebels. They were also reported to have been involved in military operations, including Gaddafi's capture.

Days of Qatar culture were held in Minsk in June. Crowds of people were pushing and shoving in queues for free pancakes and incense in Minsk centre on Yakub Kolas Square.

Besides the so called Qatar Island Belarus will give its new eastern”friends” Oktyabrsky and Petrikov potash salt deposits, an iron ore deposit, lands for hunting facilities and so on.