Updated at 00:16,23-05-2018

Belarusian officials to be 'bombed' with teddy bears

Nasha Niva

Dozens of Belarusian officials and blacklisted politicians are going to be 'bombed' with teddy bears. However, this time — unlike the previous one — all will be absolutely legal.

The teddy bears with pro-democracy slogans will be sent by mail, Viasna says.

"Around 800 Swedish teddy bears were dropped on Belarus this last summer. Lukashenka was mad and accused them in illegal crossing of the state boarder. They were arrested, delivered to police stations. So now we are going to sent teddy bears in parcels, but still they will demand human rights, the freedom of assemblies and associations," said Östgruppen Chairperson Martin Uggla.

“There was a lot of criticism of the action in Sweden, but in Belarus it was warmly welcomed by many activists. With the new ‘bear drop’ we want to support Belarusians who work in favour of the democratic transition of the country. The action is to be held in the centre of Stockholm and will start at 12:00. Participants will bring teddy bears and the organising staff will share the destination addresses," Mr Uggla said.