Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Raman Yakovlewski: This assertion will unlikely benefit Lukashenka


The Kremlin is quite anxious about different messages and insinuations touching upon the level of health of Vladimir Putin. An assertion of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, "the main strategical ally" of Russia, looks especially strange. He stabbed Putin in the back when said about the ailment of the Kremlin's chief,

UDF.BY has found out whether the assertion was made accidentally in the interview with Raman Yakovlewski.

- In an interview with Reuters Alyaksandr Lukashenka mentioned the injured back of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Was it a simple lack of restraint or the lunge was conscious?

- It is both.

We should remember, Lukashenka don't say anything in vain. Probably, he wants come into notice once again. This assertion will unlikely benefit Lukashenka - it caused only irritation. But even the irritation is a sign of attention. And Lukashenka lacks such signs outside Belarus.

Moreover, several summits of different formats are scheduled for December (EurAsEC and the Customs Union). It's possible that Lukashenka decided to remind about himself on the eve of the summits.

- But why Lukashenka needs this attention?

- I'll repeat, Lukashenka takes even an irritation as a sign of attention.

Judging from the behavior of the press secretary of Russia's president, Lukashenka's mentioning of the health of Putin, who was considered a macho, an undisputed and unshakable man, has caused different kind of talks and rumors. And Lukashenka says that he surely knows about the damaged spine of Putin. This gave a rise to unwanted conversations in different circles.

- This thoughtless assertion will further complicate the tense oil negotiations...

- As I was assured, there is a division of responsibilities in Moscow : Putin deals with gas, Medvedev deals with oil. Therefore, I wouldn't link Lukashenka's assertion directly to the oil negotiations.

Another thing is that the principle Medvedev's attitude towards Lukashenka has long been known. It is worth mentioning that Medvedev is considered almost the author of series called "The Godfather-1, -2, -3, -4."

Lukashenka said about a height very pejoratively. Heaving a speech at BSU and answering students' question about the possibility of the UCP leader to take the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lukashenko said something like this: how can he be the Minister with such a height? I do not think that Russia's President and Prime Minister are much taller than Anatol Lyabedzka [leader of the United Civic Party].

- In any case, if the lunge of Lukashenka affects the Belarusian-Russian relations, will it result in their deterioration?

- I wouldn't say about the Belarusian-Russian relations in general. We are talking about the relationships of the heads of the states. It is clear that this assertion will unlikely contribute to the establishment of trust relationships...