Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Foreign ministry is going to launch website about Belarus


A website that will tell foreigners about Belarus is expected to be launched by the foreign ministry in January 2013, spokesman Andrey Savinykh said in Minsk on Friday, speaking during an international conference on the theme of "Image of Republic of Belarus. Time to Act."

The site will contain a number of sections, including "News," "Miracles of Belarus," "Calendar of Events," "Politics," "Economy and Business," "Society," and "Tourism," and have English, Italian, German, Arabic and maybe Chinese versions, Mr. Savinykh said.

The objective of the site is to create a favorable image of Belarus and drawn tourists and investors into the country, Mr. Savinykh said.

The foreign ministry is open to cooperation with non-governmental organizations in carrying out this project, considering that it is aimed at "selling Belarus" and not serving as a "discussion platform," he said.

Mr. Savinykh acknowledged that the project team would have to work on a shoestring budget.