Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Volchak: Lukashenka is trying to prevent a nomenclature rebellion


Viktar Sheiman as the presidents executive officer must become Lukashenkas all-seing eye, a human rights activist Aleg Volchak believes.

"The situation in the country is worthless from the political and economic standpoints. In the conditions of the internal tension and with "external enemies" all around Lukashenka has no one to rely on excpect for a tested person, who Sheiman is. The work of the whole system, I think, will be centered around Sheiman: the analytical work, economic, the special services. Probabaly, Lukashenka needs a person not connected to the circles of top executives, able to prevent a nomenclature rebellion. In general, instead of the modernization which we hoped for in 2012, we will face further crackdown", - Aleg Volchak commented to Belarusian Partisan on Viktar Sheimans appointment as A. Lukashenkas executive officer.