Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

Polish Self-Defence to form alliance with Belaya Rus


An agreement on cooperation was signed by Polish radical party Self-Defence (Samoobrona) and pro-Lukashenka organization Belaya Rus.

Self-Defence leader Lech Kuropatwinski said to journalists in Minsk on February 26 that "criticism of Lukashenka and a poor state of the Belarusian economy by the Polish media doesn't reflect the reality," BelaPAN news agency reports.

The Self-Defence delegation is on visit to Belarus. An agreement on cooperation with Belaya Rus organisation was signed during the visit on February 26.

"We have enough courage to say that criticism of Belarus by the Polish media doesn't reflect the reality. It concerns both Alyaksandr Lukashenka and the economy," Kuropatwinski said.

According to him, the Self-Defence delegation visited a dairy factory and Zhdanovichy agricultural plant. Kuropatwinski said he was "impressed by the level of milk processing in Belarus" and "astonished by the efficiency of tomato growing technologies". He also noted that he was interested in purchasing Belarusian tractors, because the organisation has the right carry out economic activity.

Kuropatwinski says that Self-Defence doesn't find it a problem that Belarus, unlike Poland, is not a member of the EU. "This fact should not hinder the development of our bilateral relations. We are doomed to cooperate, if I may say so," he said.