Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Andrei Suzdaltsev: Belarus will overtake the destiny of North Korea


In case the information about weapon shipments to Sudan finds its final confirmation, UN sanctions will be introduced against Belarus.

A Russian political scientist Andrei Suzdaltsev told that to charter97.org when giving a comment on the shipments of weapons from Belarus to Sudanese province Darfur.

"This is not the first case when information arises about military equipment shipments to Sudan and other hot spots. Several years ago there was a precedent, when a Belarusian plane crashed, which was shipped in violation of UN’s prohibitions. They try to very often link it with weapon shipments from Russia. This means that the Belarusian authorities cover for Kremlin in this way", - the political scientist noted.

He stressed that in this case the planes Su-25 and missiles S-8 could be delivered to Sudan precisely from Belarus.

"The thing is that Lukashenka’s need in foreign currency is humongous and he looks for money wherever. So if there is an opportunity to earn on selling military equipment of not the latest generation, than the Belarusian ruler will not let such a chance slip", - the expert added.

He focused the attention on the fact that if UN experts provide such information, than it should be followed by concrete actions.

"I think we should wait for the decision of the UN Security Council. If the fact of Belarusian weapon shipments to Sudan is proved finally, than sanctions will be introduced against the Republic of Belarus. It will be a strong blow to the image of the Belarusian state and it will overtake the fate of pariah countries like it happened with North Korea and Iran", - Andrei Suzdaltsev concluded.

We would remind that the UN experts’ report states that the government of Sudan fights the rebels in the province of Darfur with the use of air-to-ground missiles S-8 and battle planes Su-25, purchased in Belarus.