Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Lukashenka wants to retain Belarus influence in Latin America


Belarus seeks not to lose its influence in Latin America after the Venezuelan President Chavezs death. At the same time, the farewell ceremony created a setting for an informal meeting between the representatives of the Belarusian and the U.S. delegations.

On March 7th 8th, President Lukashenka went to Venezuela to attend the President Hugo Chavezs funeral.

Chavez funeral changed format first it was planned to bury him on March 8th, but later to embalm his body - permitted President Lukashenka to take part in the ceremony. Previously Belarus was supposed to be represented by Presidents Chief Executive and Chairman of the Belarusian-Venezuelan High Commission Mr. Sheiman and First Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Siamashka. Farewell ceremony gathered more than thirty heads of states, raising it to the highest international level.

Lukashenkas political goal during his visit was to ensure the continuity of the previous agreements between Belarus and Venezuela, and other Latin American countries. It is known that Lukashenka held meetings with the Presidents of Bolivia, Ecuador, Haiti, Cuba as well as Venezuelas Vice President and likely successor of Chavez, Mr. Maduro.

Finally, the U.S. delegations composition, announced on March 7th, suggested there could be a meeting with Belarus delegates Viktar Sheiman and Uladzimir Siamashka. In particular, one of the members of the American delegation was former chairman of the Subcommittee on Europe of the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the U.S. Congress House of Representatives, William Delahunt. In October 2010 he held talks in Minsk with Prime Minister Sidorsky and Presidential Administration Head Makey.

Currently Mr. Delahunt heads a lobbying firm Delahunt Group, which, inter alia, offers consultancy services on international relations and economic development. Belarus could be interested in such consultations, bearing in mind its preparations for the "thaw" in relations with the West. However, there were no public reports about meetings between the Belarusian and American delegations.