Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Jakauleuski: Nikolichs visit organized by Lukashenkas European lobbyists


The Belarusian ruler met the president of Serbia Tomislav Nikolich who arrived to Minsk.

During the meeting the Belarusian dictator stated that he sees big perspectives in the development of bilateral relations with Serbia in all directions.

"Yes, there was a certain pause in our relations, but in the economy, in trade we kept working and there is a certain result today. There is a political will today to continue what we have started, we do not have to start from scratch and if there is a political will, we will surely succeed", - Lukashenka stated.

The Belarusian ruler emphasized that Belarus and Serbia will build their relations not against someone, but in the interest of the two states and nations. "Belarus is ready to go as far as it is acceptable and desirable by Serbia", -Lukashenka said.

In his turn the president of Serbia thanked the Belarusian party for the "principled position that Belarus has towards Kosovo and Metohija", - Interfax reports.

"The support of friends is very valuable for us to protect our statehood and dignity", -Nikolich emphasized.

The Serbian president admitted that there was a certain pause in the relations of the two countries. "There was a temporary thing, nothing can break the relations between our states and nations", - Nikolich said. "We have realized our mistake and will do everything to eliminate it. We consider Belarus our most important friend", - the president of Serbia stated.

An international observer Raman Jakauleuski expressed his version of the unexpected visit of Serbian president to Belarus in a commentary to Radio Svaboda:

"I do not rule out that this trip was arranged by European lobbyists of Aliaksandr Lukashenka. Probably, they are playing another game of the Dialogue with Belarus. I would not rule that out. Even more so that the activities are known of some lobbyists who stand for the lifting of the sanctions. May be, they have invented such a step to act via brotherly Serbia, which aims to join the European Union. The main thing here is that Serbia officially joined the visa sanctions against some Belarusian officials. It was a painful blow for the Belarusian leadership. They did not care about Croatia or other countries which also joined. But Serbia".

We would remind that in June 2012 Serbia joined the EU sanctions against the Belarusian regime.