Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Liberal Democratic Party claims that it can field 6,000 candidates for local


The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) plans to prepare 6,000 members for running in the 2014 local elections, LDP Deputy Chairman Aleh Haydukevich told reporters in Minsk on Wednesday.

LDP leaders set this target after visiting the party's organizations all over Belarus, he said.

The party will decide how many of its potential candidates will run in the race depending on the situation before the elections, Mr. Haydukevich said.

Belarus has "no political party or political force capable of fielding so many candidates," he claimed. "We'd do this with ease. However, the most important thing for us is not even the number of candidates but the reserve, and we'll be able to prepare 6,000 people to represent the party in a worthy manner in the elections."