Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Politologist Valer Karbalevich detained near German Embassy


Politologist Valer Karbalevich, who was heading to the German Embassy to an appointment, was detained by police.

He didn't have his ID, so the police guards at the embassy called a police squad.

The German diplomats came out to the policemen and tried to figure out why the German Ambassador's guest had been detained and not allowed to enter the building.

One of the diplomats said the policemen "make a problem of nothing".

Valer Karbalevich told Radio Svaboda about the incident:

"I going to the embassy when a policeman said I had to show him my passport. I answered I didn't have the passport. He said he had to call a police squad to take me to a police station for identification. He said it could took about three hours. A police squad was called, but I already pushed the intercom button. A security guard and embassy officers, about five people, came out. They tried to say to the policeman that his duties were to guard the building, but not to allow or prohibit entries to the embassy. He referred to the instructions he had. Finally, a police squad appeared. They thought I tried to break in. But I had an appointment and the ambassador was waiting for me. They advised with one another and made some phone calls, but I was allowed to enter the embassy and talk to the ambassador."

It should be reminded that Belarusian police officers began to write down passport information of visitors of the embassies of the US, the UK, and Germany in January 2013. They record passport information of any person entering the embassy premises.

Their actions violate the Vienna Convention, one of the fundamental legislative instruments to regulate diplomatic relations.