Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Lukashenka: My son Viktar wants to become a president


The Belarusian leader has cast light on their family secrets in the interview with newspaper Izvestia in Ukraine.

'I am often taxed with the fact that my son Victar would like to become a president, which is not far from the truth. But you've struck home asking whether I want a presidential fate for my son. So, I don't want it. You can't even imagine what the presidency means for my family. I would like my children to live in security and quiet, I wish no one would ever shower sticks in us,' Lukashenka told reporter Yanina Sokolovskaya.

'My son Viktar is a loyal person who never bothers anyone. He is my additional source of information. He comes and tells his fathers about the things he considered as necessary'.

The Operations and Analytical Centre for controlling uniform services was founded in Belarus, its total staffing being less than 100 employees, the President added. As Viktar Lukashenka heads the Centre top security officials are subordinated to him. 'The son pulls his father; the Prosecutor realizes that he is under control. So do the judges. If the head is not rotten, the tail will always keep twisting,' the head of state said.

Talking about his youngest son Mikalai (Kolya) Lukashenka stressed that it was 'the fifth column and tabloids' that spread rumours. "They started reproaching me of considering Kolya as my successor. But he will be able to make a try only in 30 years! I might be gone to long home by that moment," he opened up.

Nevertheless, 37-year-old Viktar Lukashenka is under no obligation to wait for so long.