Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Andrei Suzdaltsev: Makei accounted to Kremlin


Suspension of a visa ban on the Belarusian foreign minister lies in the interests of Moscow.

Politologist Andrei Suzdaltsev spoke to charter97.org about the meeting of the Belarusian and Russian foreign ministers in Moscow.

"It wasn't an emergency meeting. It's possible that it was a scheduled event to discuss a wide range of formal issues. But there are some global problems. Firstly, there is no common foreign policy of the 'union state'. For example, one part of the 'union' has the visa regime with Georgia, while the other one doesn't have; one part recognises Abkhazia and South Ossetia, while the other one does not recognise," the politologist stressed.

He noted that states organise consultations, enlarged or between foreign ministers, so solve such issues.

"I think they also discussed the issue on the suspension of EU visa restrictions for Makei, because Russia made its contribution to establishing normal contacts between the EU and Minsk. It was done because Russia doesn't want Belarus, the 'western terminal' of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space, to be blocked. The difficult situation in Minsk-EU relations has a negative impact. We may say that Moscow supports lifting restrictions from Makei. Of course, the Belarusian foreign minister promoted this topic and proved that development of Brussels-Minsk relations would be useful for the Eurasian integration and Russia's interests," Andrei Suzdaltsev said.

Uladzimir Makei and Sergey Lavrov have today discussed the "further interaction between the two countries" in Moscow. The foreign ministers of the two countries met in February last time. According to the Belarusian MFA, they discussed "integration issues".