Updated at 13:43,18-06-2018

Aliaksandr Alesin: Assad will use Belarusian technologies in war with US


The cutting edge technologies that Belarus supplied to Syria are used against precision-guided munition.

Military observer Aliaksandr Alesin spoke to charter97.org about possible deliveries of Belarusian weapons to Syria.

"It's possible that in addition to supplies of Belarusian MiG-23 bombers to Syria, the aviation plant in Baranavichy repaired Syrian Su-7B and Su-22 fighter-bombers. They were widely supplied by the Soviet Union to Arab Middle East and all over the world. This is a rather effective aircraft. Modernisation allows using a wide range of armament for targeted strikes, including ground ones. It can be equipped with guided weapons to hit sea targets," the expert says.

Belarus might have taken part in upgrading Bashar Assad's air defence systems, according to him.

"These are S-125 and Pechora-2M systems. Belarusian and Russian firms are co-contractors in the consortium that performs these works. Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant produces chassis for these systems. You can find this information in numerous sources, though official Belarusian and Russian sources do not confirm it," the military observer underlined.

He added that Belarus also produced radar equipment and sold it all over the world.

"In principle, it is not prohibited to supply these dual-use technologies to Syria. Besides, Syria may use electronic jamming systems, because deliveries of such systems can hardly be noticed. They are effective to jam precision-guided weapons, manned aircraft and drones. What concerns other ares, it is the modernisation of Syria's armour capabilities. The country has T-55 and T-72 tanks. Belarusian specialists might have participated in upgrading sighting and fire-control systems," Aliaksandr Alesin adds.

He stressed that the programmes needed a long time.

"It scarcely takes place now. But it was done for a long time. Air defence systems and modernisation of Assad's air forces are the most important for Syria's defence. According to reports by Lukashenka and representatives of the Military of Defence, modern Belarusian technologies are used against precision-guided munition that the Americans want to use," the expert summed up.