Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

KAMAZs director general doesnt take risk of going to Belarus


The situation around Uralkali has become another obstacle in the way of the KAMAZ-MAP merger.

"I do not even know how to answer this question on the latest events (connected with the detention of Uralkalis head Vladislav Baumgartner). I do not go to Belarus", - KAMAZs director general Sergei Kogogin said off-stage at the conference KomAvto-2013 when replying to journalists request to comment on the course of the negotiations on the merger of his company with the MAP, Interfax reports.

The chairman of the State Property Committee of Belarus Ryhor Kuzniacou said in February that the Belarusian and Russian parties had agreed on the condition of KAMAZ and MAP merger into a holding Rosbelavto.

Belarus, according to him, will provide the holding with 75% of MAPs shares and will have 50% share in Rosbelavto. Lukashenka then claimed he doubted the reasonability of the merger of the enterprises, having suggested settling on the option of creating a single managing company.

Later the head of Russias Minpromtorg Denis Manturov claimed that the system of the Rosbelavto hlding management, which will be KAMAZ and MAPs managing company, would be decided by mid-April. However, a bit later he admitted that the two parties had not reached a compromise, while Russia had considered unpromising the option of creating a joint managing company without exchanging the assets.