Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Lukashenka to hold a press-conference for Russian media on Friday


The press-conference will take place in the framework of the ordinary press-tour of the regional Russian media to Belarus.

According to BelaPAN, more than 80 journalists are taking part in the press-tour on October 7-11. They represent the media from 45 regions of Russia. The journalists will visit Hrodna region and Minsk.

The Russian journalists are in Hrodna region at the moment. Their agenda includes visiting a cardio-center (Hrodna), the private enterprise "Kante SPA", getting to know the agro-touristic capacities of the region. The journalists will also visit Lida, Mir and Mir castle. Alongside with that. Hrodna region governor Syamyon Shapira will hold a press-conference for them.