Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Karbalevich: Lukashenkas short bench for officials is a myth


It is not difficult to find a replacement for sacked officials.

Analyst Valery Karbalevich has shared his opinion with Euroradio. We asked whether the todays scandalous dismissals may result in appointing new people or the positions may be filled with officials from the old bench.

Karbalevich: I think that the short substitutes' bench is a myth. You dont need any talent to occupy administrative positions in Belarus, you dont have to be a good manager or economist. You only need to stick to the Presidents demands and fulfill them. They just need to be strict to subordinates and loyal to the current leader and regime.

The scandalous dismissals are not only part of the Belarusian leaders usual game of "a good tsar and bad boyars", Karbalevich thinks. Borisovdrev announced that the enterprise was going to modernize the woodworking industry a year ago.

Karbalevich: A year has passed, decrees were signed, credits were allocated according to the Presidents special order. And there is no result!.. He is disappointed because the problem is not being solved. It is a purely emotional reaction.