Updated at 10:54,22-04-2019

No word about problems: Lukashenka addresses to nation


The head of state might have failed to mention modernization reverses, the perpetual threat of devaluation, problems in the foreign arena in his New Year’s speech but he could not help blaming Belarusians for their not realizing how happy they are.

‘Sometimes we do not even realize what great and invaluable happiness it is to live in your own land, freely breathe its air, drink its crystal water and feel its beloved son and caring master at the same time,’ Mr Lukashenka said.
The President named the country’s achievements in 2013: the start of the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant in Astravets, assembling the first 450-ton giant BelAZ, food exports increasing, ‘coming very close to solving the demographic problem’.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka called to do our best so that Belarus would not lose its positions. ‘Of course, when we make wishes and plans we should realize the following: if we failed to achieve any goals the previous year it can only mean that we did not go to great lengths. Therefore, it is our fault,’ he added.

It is curious that earlier in his traditional addresses to the nation Lukashenka used to frighten Belarusians by foreign and domestic enemies, world crisis and attempts to swing the state.