Updated at 21:48,17-09-2020

Michael Douglas: I became UN Messenger because of Belarus


Michael Douglas сollects Unicef Peace Award.

The Oscar-winner was recognised by Unicef for his nuclear disarmament campaign work, a cause he said was not "touchy-feely" with celebrities and their fans.

The actor has been a United Nations Messenger of Peace since 1998 and started looking at the nuclear issue in the 1979 film The China Syndrome.

Speaking before he picked up the Danny Kaye Humanitarian Peace Award, Douglas said:

I did a movie many, many years ago called The China Syndrome about a nuclear power plant having a meltdown, which gave me some sense of what was going on.

I also went to visit, my father comes from Belarus, which is downwind from Chernobyl, and that's some of the earlier ways I became involved. I got involved with the United Nations as a Messenger of Peace.