Updated at 21:48,17-09-2020

Jasha the parrot running for elections


A Homiel resident nominated a parrot for local authorities.

A democratic activist Kanstancin Zhukouski submitted the papers for registering an initiative group for nominating his parrot Jasha as a candidate in municipal elections.

The interesting thing is that the secretary of the electoral commission for Mazurski constituency number 19 accepted the documents, BelaPAN reports.

"The problem of the absence of a passport of a citizen of Belarus was solved with the use of Photoshop – I inserted Jasha’s photograph in the copy of my passport. My parrot has long dreamt of becoming a deputy. For the same of his dream he learnt to say several phrases: "Where is money?", "Jarmoshyna", "I want to get into parliament". A deputy does not need to know more. The electoral program is "Jasha is good", - Zhukouski said.

According to him, the secretary of the commission was no confused by a photo of a parrot.

"As long as there is a passport copy, you may draw even a pig, and as today’s case shows, even get it registered", - the activist claimed.

Immediately after that the activist took back the document, having said that he had confused them.

Jasha the parrot running for elections
Jasha the parrot running for elections