Updated at 15:27,23-09-2020

Carl Bildt: EU will do everything for Ukraine not to turn into Belarus


Sweden’s MFA hopes that the Ukrainian authorities will make concessions and re-consider the laws adopted on 16 January.

The message came from Carl Bildt as he gave an interview to Hromadske.TV, gazeta.ua reports.

"We are doing everything possible for the existent candidates to be respected in the elections next year. We will also see that could be done on the part of the EU in order for Ukraine not to turn into a new Belarus, having lost its future and the achievements of the independence period", - Bildt said.

Sweden MFA’s head claimed that the "draconian laws", adopted by the Ukrainian authorities, will be number one on the EU agenda. Requests have been sent to the Council of Europe and OSCE on the current situation. Together with that, he reminded, that the Ukrainian authorities from time to time sends different signals to the EU – either they intend to sign the association agreement, or not.

"The Ukrainian authorities forget that we will not assess what they say, but what they do. We see that they have come to severe limitation of civic rights and freedoms and this is a key moment in the relations between the EU and Ukraine now", - Bildt claimed.

On Monday a meeting of the heads of the MFAs of the EU states will discuss the current situation in Ukraine.

"There will be high support to the critical statements that have already been voiced as to the assessment of the events in Ukraine on the part of the EU leaders. We are also expecting Ukrainian authorities’’ explanations as to their actions, as we are expecting the cancellation of the legislation, which obviously contradicts Ukraine’s commitments to various European organizations, - Bildt explained. – We will do everything possible for Ukraine not to turn into a new Belarus. We hope that the authorities will make concessions and reconsider their actions and decisions".

The head of Sweden’s MFA confirmed that the EU and the USA are actively negotiating the introduction of sanctions. This dialogue is taking place very actively and the possibility of the introduction of sanctions is very high.

We would remind that on 17 January the president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych signed the laws, adopted by the Supreme Council at the session on 16 January.