Updated at 15:27,23-09-2020

Yarmoshyna accuses opposition members of provocations


Lidzia Yarmoshyna, the EU blacklisted head of the Central Election Commission (CEC), sees "certain provocations" in what opposition members do.

"Two parties, the UCP and the BPF, have a tendency to deliberately file applications to several constituencies. It possibly means they want to organise provocations on the first stage of the elections," she said at the CEC meeting on Tuesday.

Yarmoshyna thinks candidates file applications to several constituencies either through ignorance or to organise provocations, Interfax news agency reports.

She made this remark in connection with the decision cancelling the registration of initiative groups of UCP member Mikalai Ulasevich in two constituencies. Ulasevich said he didn't agree with the decision. He said he would apply against it to the Supreme Court.

He admitted he had registered two initiative groups in two constituencies for tactical aims. He didn't know last year's amendments to the electoral code. Earlier, candidates could register their iniative groups in several constituencies.

CEC head Yarmoshyna noted that the decision on the registration of initiative group couldn't be cancelled under law only if the decision was legal. The decision of the Astravets district election commission on the registration of Ulasevich's groups was found illegal.

All electoral campaigns in Belarus since 1996 have been declared by the OSCE not free and unfair. CEC head Lidzia Yarmoshyna was banned from entering the EU and the US.