Updated at 14:38,23-10-2020

Belarusian journalist wounded by sniper


Belarusian photojournalist Vasil Fedasenka has been injured by a rubber bullet in Kyiv.

His colleague Suarhei Hryts said it to Radio Svaboda.

"I am working in Hrushevsky Street. It has been hot here since morning. I see that policemen with rifles fire at journalists. A rubber bullet hit my hood, but I wasn't injured. My colleague Vasil Fedasenka got a bullet in his forehead, right in the place between the safety glasses and the helmet. He's okay now," Hryts said.

Protesters, among them radical activists, went to picket the Verkhovna Rada after the ninth people's meeting. They met the police near the Lobanovsky Stadium. Clashes between radical activists and the police started. Protesters began to set police vehicles on fire. The police used water cannons and rubber bullets. Both sides are reported to have scores of injured people. The US and the EU called to start negotiations involving all sides to solve the political conflict, consider the demands of the protesters and prevent the escalation of violence. President Viktor Yanukovych suggested holding a round-table discussion with opposition representatives.

Clashes continue in Kyiv. Four people are reported to have died, dozens are injured.