Updated at 20:11,29-10-2020

Dzmitryeu: People open doors without interest when you speak about elections


One of the leaders of Tell the Truth campaign speaks about the issues that touch him.

Andrei Dzmitryeu shared his impressions from collecting signatures for the local elections and the problems that worry voters, Radio Svaboda reports.

"I fund obvious the fact of total discretization of local councils as government bodies. People don't take them as government agencies. They open doors without any interest but with negative emotions when you say them about the local elections. That's why we carry out the campaign People's Referendum. We just use the local elections as the occasion to speak to people about changes. By the way, people more eagerly put their signatures for the People's Referendum than for the elections," Andrei Dzmitryeu said.

The politician thinks Belarusian society is becoming more and more depressed. The authorities like this state more than mobilisation.

"We should understand that if the authorities are weak and have a low rating, they are afraid of mobilisation of society. The authorities do everything to demobilise society. Arrests and prevention of any public expressions, including the desire to control the electoral process distracting people from elections of any level – these are the current actions by the authorities. Many people are depressed today. The only way to tackle depression is talking to people. We tell them how it should be, we say that a referendum is needed. Yes, it will take time, it's not easy to drag people out of depression. But we are struggling not for seats in local councils, but for people, for their understanding of the future and vision of alternative," the politician thinks.