Updated at 17:39,28-11-2020

Belarus MFA slams West for appeasing Ukraine 'extremists'


The Belarusian Foreign Ministry on February 20 issued a statement over the situation in Ukraine.

Belarus is concerned about the mounting tension in Ukraine that has resulted in human losses, Belarusian MFA said in a statement. "We believe that radical, manifestly unlawful methods to resolve the domestic political discord are inadmissible. We cannot but notice that while evaluating the dramatic events that have been going on in Ukraine for the last few months Western nations repeatedly emphasized the 'peaceful' nature of protest actions and were unwilling to notice the illegal capture of administrative buildings, the use of Molotov cocktails and firearms by the protesters in their clashes with the police, the statement said.

In the view of Belarusian diplomacy, the stance in essence condones radicalism and extemism and has rendered a negative effect on the escalation of the violence. The approaches used to highlight events in Ukraine drastically differ from the opinions voiced to evaluate protest actions in other European countries where law enforcement bodies resort to force to restore law and order, noted Belarusian MFA.