Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

Opposition politician: President Lukashenka should run gay parade


Vital Rymasheuski, one of the leaders of the Belarusian Christian democrats, suggests the country's gay community should bring the Belarusian President into their fold.

'Lukashenka does not live together with his spouse, and that is why he doesn't stand out from homosexuals. He even makes a parade of it. His [youngest] son is brought up motherless. Our society keeps silence looking at him presenting textbooks on the Belarusian language. His rules of conduct are implanted in people's minds. In this regard Aliaksandr Lukashenka is European to the fingernails, and I recommend gay community to bring him into their fold,' Vital Rymasheuski told gaypress.eu.

The politician admitted that special operations soldiers' beating gays is unlawful and added: 'At that, a massive propaganda of debauchery is being conducted now, and Lukashenka himself is its main advocate. Some part od the democratic opposition is only one step from him.'

Sanctioning a gay parade in Belarus would be a follow-up to Lukashenka's policy, Mr Rymasheuski believes. According to the politician, when Lukashenka bans them he gives mixed messages. 'He should run their parade. He deserves hoisting their flag and starting the ball rolling. One should not play with concepts of human rights protection and debauchery propaganda,' Vital Rymasheuski stressed.


The Belarusian President is notorious of condemning gays and same-sex marriages, regarding them as a ‘tragic sign of a general spiritual crisis and the Western world's blindness’ or 'roots of evil'.

'But one should not stifle us – all the sanctions are counterproductive. Dear, don’t make us legalize same-sex marriages. As long as I’m President there will be no fagness in the country,' he said in April, 2013.