Updated at 20:51,24-11-2020

Russia to simplify annexation procedure


The State Duma may do it in connection with the events in Ukraine.

The Russian Parliament is going to consider the simplification of the annexation of new federal objects by Russia and giving Russian passports to Ukrainians, Kommersant-Ukraine reports. The faction A Just Russia is said to have initiated it.

According to the current legislation, the annexation of territories by Russia "should be done by mutual agreement of the Russian Federation and the foreign state". It is planned to allow annexation "according to the expression of popular will" at a referendum or in some other ways.

The situation in Crimea is still tense. Pro-Russia forces are conducting street actions and hoisting Russian flags on administrative buildings. An armed group seized the Crimean Parliament on the night of February 27. Armed militants set roadblocks on the way to Crimea. The seized Crimean Parliament appointed a referendum on expanding the autonomy’s rights on May 25.