Updated at 20:11,29-10-2020

Makei: Ukraine should preserve terrotirial integrity


Belarus foreign policy chief Uladzimir Makei says Belarus wants to see Ukraine a sovereign and independent state.

Right after meeting with Latvia's foreign minister Edgaras Rinkevics in Riga, Mr Makei noted:

"We have a negative attitude to what is happening in Ukraine. Ukraine is our southern neighbor. Our turnover reached $7 billion last year and $8 billion in the previous year. We are tied with trade and economic relations and speak basically the same language - we understand each other when speaking the Ukrainian or Belarusian languages. Our peoples are absolulte close. I would say we treat the developments in Ukraine as a tregedy and naturally feel sorry about the victms in Ukraine. We have discussed this usse. We are interested in a sovereign and independent Ujarine which keeps its territorial integrity".

Мr Makei said achieving stability and preventing further bloodshed were key priorities at the moment deo Ukraine, reports BELTA.