Updated at 22:10,27-11-2020

Russia invading Ukraine?


Thirteen planes (Ilyushin-76) have landed in Crimea, Sergey Kunitsyn, a permanent representative of Ukraine's President to Crimea, says, '13 planes with troopers are landing, each has 150 men aboard,' he told TV channel ATR.

Russia is exercising a military intervention to the peninsula, its militants are keeping control over 'outside perimeter', Mr Kunitsyn believes. 'But it is dished up in the following way: [Crimean] population are angry and is going to make a stand against you, that is why we are protecting you so that they could not make an armed assault on you and seize you. But we are not in the kindergarten! Everyone realizes that until today there has been no threat and no assaults,' Mr Kunitsyn says.

A lot of Ukrainian news websites are down. Unidentified armed persons are trying to seize independent channel ATR.

'Joint working of a top-level Ukrainian-Russian industrial group will have been suspended until a legitimate government is formed in Kyiv,' Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on his Facebook account. Earlier it was the Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev who stated that there was no legitimate government in Ukraine.