Updated at 20:51,24-11-2020

Russian troops attack Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea


Ukrainian soldiers are not fighting because they received orders not to respond.

Russian soldiers used flash-bang grandees and seized almost all the buildings of military unit #4515 in Belbek, soldier Roman Beregovoi told Ukrainian Pravda. Russian solders had been blocking the unit for three days, he said. They surrounded the guards at night, used flash-bang grenades and ordered soldiers to disarm. Ukrainian soldiers refused to do it. “We did not resist because we had not been ordered to fight,” the Ukrainian solder said.

As a result, Russian soldiers seized armories and other buildings. Ukrainian soldiers are defending one administrative building and the unit flag now. “We are defending them now,” Roman Beregovoi said. The commander and the whole unit are ready to fight, he stressed.

Russian troops attack Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea

Ukrainian soldiers. Photo: censor.net.ua

Armed strangers tried entering the territory of the Ukrainian marine security department in Kerch at night. One of the three buses they used had Russian number plates. Ukrainian military unit #1656 is about to be assaulted in Sevastopol.

Russian soldiers seized Ukrainian military unit #2382 in Balaklava at night, some sources report. 50 Ukrainian soldiers were captured. They were offered to put in applications for joining “the Crimean Army”.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office warned Ukrainian soldiers that disarming and leaving their troop disposition would be considered treason and result in “the corresponding legal consequences”.