Updated at 11:59,19-05-2018

ôSolidarity with Belarus - 2014ö concert also in solidarity with Ukraine

Solidarity with Belarus information office

The ôSolidarity with Belarus ľ 2014ö concert, featuring ĹLiapis Troubetzkoyĺ, will take place in Warsaw on April 11th.

The venue will start at 7 pm in the square opposite the ĹBristolĺ hotel. The concertĺs aim is to give the opportunity to those who live in Warsaw to express their support for civil society in Belarus, to remember and support Belarusĺ political prisoners, and to stand against human rights violations in Belarus.

This yearĺs ôSolidary with Belarusö concert is also a kind of support for civil society in Ukraine, and in addition to ĹLyapisĺ, ĹKazak Systemsĺ, ĹMaleo Reggae Rokersĺ and ĹAmarokĺ will perform. All bands at this yearĺs ôSolidarity with Belarusö concert have performed on Kievĺs Maidan.

As part of the venue, Polish and Belarusian actors will recite Belarusian poetry. Andrei Pochobut, journalist, who was imprisoned for criticizing Lukashenko, will be a special guest at the concert. In addition, the concert will be broadcasted live on Belsat and Radio Racyja.

In addition, ôSolidarity with Belarus - 2014ö will also feature a prohibited Belarusĺ poster exhibition (on the Krakowskie Przedmieście), as well as seminars and discussions on Belarusian issues. Various activities in ôSolidarity with Belarusö will also take place in other Polish cities: Gdansk, Krakow, Lodz and Katowice.

The ĹSolidarity with Belarusĺ concert, led by the ĹFree Belarusĺ Initiative, has taken place every year since 2006 (except 2010). The event is co-organised by the ôStołeczna Estradaö Concert Agency, Belsat TV channel and Radio Racyja with the support of the Warsaw City authorities, Stefan Batory Foundation, Kondrad Adenauer Stiftung, Catholic Intelligentsia Club, Open Dialog Foundation, and MEP Pawel Zalewski.