Updated at 19:56,22-01-2021

Behemoth concert gets banned in Minsk


A concert of a Polish band Behemoth that was supposed to take place in Minsk Re:Public club on 27 May got cancelled.

According to the organizers, the band’s performance will not take place due to the revocation of the tour certificate by the authorities.

“Dear friends. Due to the revocation of the tour certificate by the authorities the concert in Minsk on 27 May gets cancelled. The information of tickets return will come out on Tuesday”, - the official statement by the organizers says.

Shortly before the concert the metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk Pavel spoke sharp criticism addressed to the polish musicians.

“A rock-concert of some band, Behemoth, I think, is scheduled for 27 May. We must not allow for satanic oriented bands to perform. We must do everything possible, so that Satanism doesn’t pass through”, - the primate of the Belarusian affiliate of the Russian Orthodox Church told journalists on 13 May in Minsk.

It is officially unknown, for what reason the tour certificate got revoked. The organizers of the Behemoth concert point out that all the documents were executed in line with the legislation.

“We received a phone call from the Prosecutor General’s office and got informed that the tour certificate had been revoked, and arranging the concert was impossible”, - one of the concert organizers Paviel Burylichau says.

We would remind that this is not the only cancellation of a concert by the Polish band lately. In Russia Behemoth were only able to give four performances out of the 13 scheduled. Ekaterinburg’s October court ruled to deport the Behemoth musicians for violating the visa regime. Apart from that each band member got fine for 2 thousand Russian roubles.