Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Every fifth Lithuanian considers Belarus enemy state


However, Lithuanians think that Russia is the main enemy.

The company Spinter tyrimai has held a poll ordered by DELFI. Russia turned out to be Lithuania’s worst enemy – 72.5% of the pollees expressed the opinion.

26.8% of the pollees consider Poland an enemy state. Belarus is in the third position – 19.1%. 2.8% think that the northern states are their enemies and 1.2% think that the Baltic States are enemies.

Lithuanians also said what countries seemed friendly to them. Most of the pollees (71.4%) think that the Baltic States (Estonia and Latvia) are friends.

The northern states are in the second position – Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland (46.4%).

Over 12.6% of the pollees said that Poland was a friend, 6.5% – Belarus and 3.6% – Russia.

People older than 46 called the Baltic States, Poland or Belarus friendly countries more often.