Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Murderer of Minsk dweller Tatsyana Slonimskaya faces execution by shooting


One of the accused persons in the high-profile case, the murder of Minsk dweller Tatsyana Slonimskaya, faces the exceptional measure of punishment.

It has been stated by the public prosecutor at the session on Tuesday, BelTA informs.

Laws of Belarus provide for the capital punishment in the form of execution by shooting. Before starting the interrogation of the accused, Yauhen Kulik, the prosecutor stated that the accused for the cruel murder faces such a punishment.

At the session on Tuesday Kulik fully admitted his guilt. In his speech he also stated that the second defendant, Mikalai Lotysh, is innocent.

In his turn Lotysh confessed to his partial involvement in the murder, and has made full admission of committing thefts as a crime associate of Kulik.

“I offered assistance to Kulik, but to a different extent, not as it has been stated,” the defendant said.

Tatsyana Slonimskaya, a dweller of Minsk, was murdered in July of 2013, when she went to a forest to pick mushrooms. By a tragic coincidence, the woman came up to the place where the suspects had hidden their pillage a few minutes earlier.

When Kulik saw Slonimskaya, he offered his accomplice to kill Slonimskaya, in order to acquire the car in which she had arrived. Lotysh refused to be an accomplice of the crime, but agreed to wait for Kulik, who was to dispose of his victim himself.

Kulik had a knife, which became the murder weapon. Doctors found 13 slash and stab wounds on the body of Slonimskaya.

The criminals put the body of the victim into the boot of her car, drove up to the road Minsk-Mahilyou and buried the body in the forest. After that Kulik sold the stolen foreign car at $14,000. Lotysh’s share was $500.

The cruel murder has caused massive public resentment. The son of the victim of the murder has demanded to use the capital punishment (death penalty) for the criminals.