Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Former driver for Iranian embassy in Minsk suspected of drug trafficking


A 40-year-old citizen of Iran who used to work as a driver for the Iranian embassy in Minsk is suspected of drug trafficking.

The man, who has a Belarusian residence permit, is accused of smuggling 144 grams of opium and more than 3,000 pills of tramadol weighing 1,690 grams into Belarus from Iran on March 8, Danat Dabravolski, deputy prosecutor of Minsk’s Kastrychnitski district, told BelaPAN on Monday.

According to Mr. Dabravolski, the Iranian arrived in Minsk from Teheran by air on that day, smuggling the pills in his bag and the opium in his socks.

The man was arrested at his home in Minsk, where he went from Minsk National Airport, Mr. Dabravolski noted.

The Iranian claims that he brought the drugs for personal use, Mr. Dabravolski said.

The Kastrychnitski District Prosecutor's Office has already sent the case to court, he added.