Updated at 14:29,29-07-2020

International Day of Solidarity with Belarusian civil society marked today


It was established on August 3 three years ago.

The Solidarity Day is dated for the day of Ales Bialiatski’s detention in Minsk in 2011. The human rights defender was amnestied in June 2014.

Despite Bialiatski’s release, representatives of the civil society are not going to refuse from marking the Solidarity Day, BelaPAN reports.

"We will keep marking the day every year until the state of the Belarusian civil society does not change – until they stop imprisoning human rights defenders and guarantee the fundamental freedoms to people: the freedom of opinion, assembly and association,” the manifest of the International Day of Solidarity with Belarusian civil society says.

Special attention will be paid to young activists and solidarity with them and to the protection of humanitarian values in culture and art this year. The founders of the Solidarity Day are urging people to send letters of support to Belarusian political prisoners and to distribute information about the action, to mark the Solidarity Day in their cities and the countries they live in. An action of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners will be held near the Belarusian Embassy to Kiev today. It will be organized by the movement Razam. Such actions are forbidden in Belarus.