Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Every fourth Belarusian ready to fight in case of Russia or NATO aggression


This is evidenced by the results of sociological survey conducted in September by IISEPS.

If Russia tried to annex the entire territory of Belarus or its part by armed force, almost 26% of Belarusians would fight using weapons. Responding to a similar question in June, only 14% of Belarusians responded that they would resist with arms, while 47% would seek to adapt to the new situation, and 16% would welcome such changes.

In September, the number of those who believed they would adjust to the new situation (40%), and the number of those who would welcome such a change (13%) decreased. The number of those who decided to fight using weapons doubled, said Radio Liberty.

Answering the question "If NATO countries tried to militarily change the policy of Belarus, how would you act?", 26% of respondents said they would fight using weapons, 40% would seek to adapt to the new situation, while at the same time, about 10 percent would welcome the change.

According to the poll, majority of Belarusians are against Belarus' accession to NATO and against the deployment of Russian air bases in the country.