Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Teacher from Hrodna: A winter coat costs more than my salary


A teacher from Hrodna has to survive on 3.4 million Belarusian rubles per month.

Natallia is a university teacher in Hrodna. She didn't write a Ph.D thesis, so she has a low salary of only 2.4 million rubles. The teacher has to look for additional incomes: her two part-time jobs give her additional one million rubles, Vecherny Hrodna newspaper writes.

“I go to a shop without my husband only to buy cheap products like milk or bread. I spend my salary on myself – personal hygiene items, medicines and medical services. My husband pays for all other things. Last year, we bought a winter coat at 2.5 million. My salary was 1.8 million. My husband has to pay for theatre tickets, a swimming pool or sometimes a pizzeria,” Natallia says.

The teacher admits that she loves her job and had a pleasant bonus – a long holiday.