Updated at 16:29,01-07-2020

Authorities “lost” 260,000 social parasites


A summary of figures provided by the regional tax bodies gives a strange picture.

Tax inspectors sincerely support Lukashenka's initiative on detecting social parasites and even offer a package of measures to detect, punish and correct the offenders. Officials began to count spongers in a hurry to implement their ideas, but strange mismatches became apparent, Salidarnasts writes.

According to calculations of tax inspectors from the Hrodna region, 45-50,000 people don't work, BelTA reports. The number of unemployed people in the Brest region is 30,000.

So, where are 500,000 social parasites? As we remember, this number was mentioned by Aliaksnadr Lukashenka on October 20 at a meeting to discuss employment and migration. “Let's assume that 100,000 are housewives and people working on their household plots. But what do the remaining 400,000 people do? Who pays for them?” Lukashenka asked, adding that these people should be involved in economy.

If two regions have 80,000 unemployed people (50,000 in the Hrodna region and 30,000 in the Brest region), the country's six regions cannot have more than 240,000 spongers.

Where are the rest 260,000? It seems that most of them hide in the government.