Updated at 16:23,20-06-2018

Beltelecom admits responsibility for problems with accessing Google


The state-owned Internet service provider insisted for one year that it was Google’s security policy to blame for access problems.

The company has admitted that the problems with accessing Google and Yandex services were caused by the introduction of the NAT technology, onliner.by reports. The technology distributes IP addresses in a different way: users get IP addresses from the internal range instaed of the external one.

Beltelecom used to say that the problem had nothing to do with NAT and blamed Google’s security policy for everything. However, Belarusian Internet service providers have no more spare IPv4 addresses, Beltelecom deputy CEO Vadzim Shaibakou and department head of Giprasuvyaz Faryd Nahlitold Vesnik. “Mass blocking of users by such services as Google and Yandex was one of the most noticeable results on the deficit of IPv4 addresses,” the specialists claimed.