Updated at 11:59,21-05-2018

Kindergarten fees more than university education in Belarus

Artsiom Martynovich, Euroradio

Belarus VPM Anatol Tozik says the state spends Br17 million a year per child in kindergartens. This excludes the money paid additionally by parents.

The state spends 17 million roubles per child in a kindergarten every year, vice PM Anatol Tozik said. It is 1.5 million a month. What is the money spent on? Parents pay for meals, buy various necessary things and even pay for repairs themselves.

“There is a special list and parents have to buy the things on the list,” Minsk kindergarten teacher Volha said. “There are watercolours, pens and pencils on the list. There are also toys, detergents, toothpaste and toothbrushes. The parents committee can also buy some other things.”

Parents even pay for repairs, teacher Syarhei said:

Parents buy everything needed for cleaning. They will also pay for wallpapers this year. Every parent will pay 150 thousands. They pay about 450 thousands a month for meals.

It means that parents spend over 500 thousands a month per child in a kindergarten. What is the 17 millions mentioned above used for? If the money was spent on salaries, kindergarten teachers could be getting 13 million roubles a month and nurses – about 10 millions. However, teachers get Br3.3 millions and nurses – about 2 millions.

The money is spent on repairs, equipment, products, communal series, transport, wages and communications. The 450 thousand parents pay for meals is the payment for cooking, the Ministry of Education explained.

Higher education costs less than pre-school education in Belarus! One could study the whole year in the BSU faculty history or philology for less than 17 millions.

Education in private universities is even cheaper. A year in the Institute of Administration and Business costs 5 million roubles less than a year in a kindergarten if Anatol Tozik told the truth.