Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Kosinets: Heavy drinkers and smokers must be punished


Adoption of the law on the nations health is to improve the demographic situation, Belarusian officials believe.

In particular, such a statement has been made today by Alyaksandr Kasinets, the head of the Vitsebsk region executive committee, during a ceremony when an internal medicine building of Vitsebsk city clinical emergency hospital was opened after reconstruction, BelTA informs.

As said by the governor, in order to improve the demographic situation, the number of abortions should be minimized, the population should undergo periodic health examination, and active measures should be taken to prevent alcohol addiction, up to a decision to ban sales of alcoholic beverages to persons under 21.

After the ceremony finished, commenting on this statement, the leader of the region noted that in the draft law there are paragraphs which regulate obligations of the state.

In order to demand something from citizens, first the state should assume obligations concerning all kinds of assistance, from obstetric aid to specialized aid. At the same time, responsibility of a citizen for his health should exist as well, person should protect ones health from early childhood, Alyaksandr Kasinets said.

He underlined that the people who do not care for their health, abuse alcohol, smoke, should bear administrative and financial responsibility.

People should be taught skills of healthy lifestyle, conditions for active and healthy leisure time should be created. We have many facilities where quality time could be spent, playing sports, the governor said. Prevention of diseases, eradication of violations at working places, being a sober person avoiding any addictions should become basics of life.

Alyaksandr Kasinets underlined that one of the most important parts of the demographic security is a family. A family should be protected and strengthened by us, said the chairman of the regional executive committee.