Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Domrachava is in the top three athletes in the world


International Sports Press Association named the Belarusian one of the best athletes of the year.

She took the second place by survey, conducted among members of the Organization from 91 countries, BelaPAN reports.

Darja Domrachava received 483 votes (12.28% of all respondents) followed by the US tennis player Serena Williams (843; 21.43%) and only 10 votes ahead of Norwegian skier Marit Bjørgen.

The best athletes are the German national football team goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, the Swiss tennis player Roger Federer and the forward for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team Cristiano Ronaldo.

The top three teams formed by Germany national football team, the world champion, the Real Madrid, the winners of the UEFA Champions League, and the Switzerland Davis Cup team.

According to journalists, the World Cup in Brazil, the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi and the Wimbledon Tennis Championships are among those with the best organization.