Updated at 20:14,02-06-2020

Pinsk: Russian Cossacks sentenced to up to 3 years in jail for beating Belarusian, demolition


In July, Russian Cossacks were holding a horse-riding trip ‘Moscow-Berlin’. Its route ran through the territory of Belarus.

If the Cossacks arrived at the Belarusian town of Pinsk (Brest region), three of them began to accost a local girl. Her boyfriend came to her defence and got severely beaten.

The Russians demolished a room in the hostel of Pinsk Agrarian and Technological College, where the assailed person was residing.

The Cossacks were detained and charged in malicious hooliganism.

Four months later, Pinsk court district found the trio guilty and delivered its verdict: the eldest Cossack was sentenced to three years in high security prison: the youngest, who is under 18 years old, will be sent to a youth custody centre.

The sentence has not taken legal effect yet. One of the convicts has already appealed against it.