Updated at 23:08,31-05-2020

Rumas and Shunevich discuss police and football fans


On Wednesday, November 11, there was a meeting of heads of the Belarus Football Federation Siarhey Rumas and Interior Minister Ihar Shunevich.

According to the Pressball, there was also present First Deputy Chairman of the BFF Siarhey Safaryan. They spoke about the relations between the Belarusian police and football fans. This year there have been several incidents at stadiums. For example, at the Euro-2016 qualifying match between the national teams of Belarus and Macedonia police detained several supporters, allegedly for "petty hooliganism" but the detained claimed that it was done due to them wearing scarves with the Pursuit coat of arms.

Little information is available on today's meeting. It is noted that it "was constructive" and resulted in the mutual understanding "on some issues." Belarusian Soccer Federation promised to publish a special press release.